Ultimate Dorm Décor Packing List

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Ultimate Dorm Décor Packing List

Christina Grate / January 10, 2018

Few things in life are more stressful and daunting than packing up your entire life and moving away to college. Your dorm is your new home for the next few years, so you’ll definitely want to put some effort into putting your own style into your living space. No matter what your personal style is, we have dorm décor ideas that will be perfect for your new living situation. Dorms are small and offer very little space, so you have to be smart, and think about what will actually be useful to you and look great at the same time. Fortunately, we know exactly what you need to include in your ultimate dorm décor packing list because unused items take up a lot of space and are a hassle to lug back home during semester breaks. Use our ultimate dorm décor packing list so that your college experience is pleasant and clutter-free!

Bed Comforter & Throw Pillows

The focal point of most dorm rooms is the bed; so, you’ll most likely want to splurge on your bed décor. It’s easy to personalize your dorm with your style, by choosing a bed comforter or bedspread that truly matches your style. A great comfort and style edition are throw pillows, as they make your bed cute and comfortable. If you plan on having friends or classmates over, you can simply toss your pillows on the floor as makeshift seating. Add complimentary pillows, in an array of sizes, colors, and designs to your ultimate dorm packing list to seal the personalized vibe of your dorm.

Photo Board

Transform a section of your dorm room wall into a photo board with a pinboard. This is the perfect dorm room accessory for every college student. Pinboards are fantastic to put pictures of you, and your friends and family, along with quotes and other daily reminders of things close to your heart. Photo boards are also fantastic for pinning little souvenirs you collect throughout your college experiences such as concert tickets or event flyers.

Wall Art

Make sure to include wall art on your ultimate dorm décor packing list! Wall art adds a bit of pizazz to a plain ol’ dreary dorm. In addition to the photo board, it’s so important to have wall art such as posters, paintings, or tapestries that show off your personal style. Not only will this wall art cheer you up, but these pieces of art also provide great conversation pieces when visitors stop by.

Cute Lamp

Another fantastic addition to your ultimate dorm décor packing list is a cute lamp. You will be spending many hours studying and hanging out in your dorm room, so you’re going to want a cute lamp with soft lighting to make your dorm inviting. Some dorms come with lighting fixtures included, but they may not be too pretty or easy on the eyes, so investing in a cute lamp will save stress on your eyes and provide an added personal touch.

Desk Zone

With no room for a table or additional study space, you will be at your desk a lot. You’ll be eating and studying, and probably using this space for socializing and hobbies as well. So, it is essential to have a perfect desk zone. You want to make it comfortable and stylish so that you will feel organized and motivated to get your assignments and studying done. Living in a dorm can be a little hectic and can make study time a little discouraging or difficult to accomplish, especially if you have a roommate. However, don’t let dorm life distract you from your studies! Other items to include on your dorm décor list should include a laptop, a printer with a scanner option, a small desk, fun storage options for pencils and other stationery, and witty or colorful jump/thumb drives. Laptops come in handy when you want to save space and don’t want to be running to the library to use a computer; for instance, if you’re doing an all-night study session, and you realize you need a little help, you can go online and consult with an online tutor on a 24/7 online tutoring portal. It’s much easier to finish an assignment or to study for hours on end in a nice, organized spot.


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