Content Marketing 101

Content Marketing

Content Marketing 101

Christina Grate / June 7, 2018

Content Marketing is fundamental for any business or brand to succeed. Google’s #1 search ranking factor is relevant content. For that reason, websites that showcase content that is informative, compelling, or entertaining to certain target audiences or buyer personas rank higher in Google and receive more traffic from convertible audiences, which increases the number of quality leads and potential customers. The key for content to rank high in Google and reaching the right audiences is the proper use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. In order for Google’s bots to understand the content on a site, they need to “scan” for keywords and key search terms. Additionally, by hyperlinking said keywords to other quality published content or websites, you are telling Google that you too are offering quality content to your chosen target audiences or buyer personas. Content Marketing is truly about quality over quantity. There is a misconception that posting many blogs or social media posts attract more leads and higher rankings; however, that is not so. Research and practice demonstrate that posting fewer blogs and social media posts that are high quality and relevant produces a better turn out than churning out irrelevant or excessive content, which Google’s bots and individuals can view as spam.

There are many aspects to Content Marketing, but content creation and SEO-ready blogs are the main focus. Content Marketing includes website optimization so that landing pages and interior pages can rank in Google and be used as internal backlinks. Email marketing and social media are also huge components of Content Marketing. Content Marketing truly is a process. This process includes a Content Marketing strategy, which entails content strategy development, editorial calendar development, and competitive analysis. The process also includes content creation; content management; and owned, earned and paid media. Despite paid media and ads being significant in a successful Content Marketing campaign, it is important to remember that the most important aspect of Content Marketing is organic ranking and traffic through the efficient use of SEO tactics. Other components of Content Marketing include the creation of website static content, landing page content, and press releases.

With that being said, it is important to find an experienced copywriter who can write relevant content and utilize SEO strategy properly. That is where I come in. I hold a double BA in Journalism & Ethnic Studies, an MA in Ethnic Studies/Social Science, and an MS in Sport Management. I have held multiple internships and jobs where I have honed my research, writing, and editing skills in an array of aspects such as news writing, public relations, social media, content creation, and content marketing. I have experience in the following industries: entertainment, Latin entertainment, real estate, food and beverage, medical, and more. Take a look at the Content Marketing packages that follow, and see which package better suits the needs of your business and brand.


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