Social Media

Social media copywriting is a true skill as you need to be able to squeeze as much value into very few words as possible. It’s important to follow grammatical rules and use the voice or tone of your brand. Social media posts are short, but smart because the least amount of words are used to tell the story of your brand, product, or endeavor. The purpose of social media is to engage customers through creative and insightful posts. Every post is a reflection of your brand, so it’s vital to keep your posts professional and on target. It’s important to be consistent, engaging, and have frequent updates to keep your customers coming back for more. When it comes to social media, not every outlet is a match for your business, but even if you do use a wide variety of social media outlets, not every post is fit for all outlets. It’s wise to craft messages that are network specific. What works on Twitter or Facebook, may not work on LinkedIn or Instagram. We provide content that is ready for you to post on your accounts so that there is never any guesswork on what to post.

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